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Order your Blu-Ray, Data Card or DVD box!

26 July, 2015 |  14 Comments | by Ton Roosendaal


Ordering started, products will be shipped in 2nd half August.

The 64 GB dual layer blu-ray disc will work for your (video) bluray player to watch on TV as well as in your computer as data disc. It has a regular video menu to play the film itself and several extras.

Used in a computer drive you can access all of the extras including:

  • The original HD and 2k version of the 12 minutes film
  • Documentary material, timelapse videos and a lot of tutorials from the entire team
  • All of the production files used to make the film (.blend, textures, sims)
  • The Blender “gooseberry” branch binary, and the Blender 2.76 version.
  • Bluray only: 32 GB of final renders in 2048 x 858 PNG.

The 32 GB Data Card (USB drive) and the 4xDVD Box have all of the above, except for the final renders.

All supporters who gave us 20 dollars or more, will get a 20 dollar discount on purchasing the Cosmos Laundromat hardcopy. And even better – buy all three for 60 dollar discount!

GET YOUR DISCOUNT: just visit the Cloud Dashboard to get the coupon. Valid until 31st of July 2015.

Or visit the to pre-order. Thanks!

14 Responses

  1. Ville says:

    Great options. Looking forward for those tutorials.

    But what about Flamenco? Is there going to be user manual and perhaps introduction video about it? Atm there is about no user info at all. Time to fix it! Right?

  2. Tung says:

    What are the discount prices and what is going to be the final prices?
    At check out I didn’t see a voucher or discount.
    Still undecided

    • Ville says:

      If you are in the Blender Cloud, then you will see your discount code in Dashboard.

      • Tung says:

        Hi Ville,
        Yup, I see it there in the dashboard, but not at checkout.
        I would still like to know before and after discount prices too.


        • Ville says:

          Ah, now I see.

          At checkout, there is a text-field where you paste it as text. I missed that also at first, but then I found it. It’s on the top of the checkout page. The discount doesn’t go there automatically.

  3. Can’t wait till August! Good luck for this open movie

  4. Will the first 64 GB Dual layer disc ?

  5. BernAr says:

    I entered my discount code on top of the Checkout but finally I payed the average price with no discount subtraction in the end. Hope it works after…

  6. BernAr says:

    Silly me, I didn’t click the Apply coupon button after entering the code as I didn’t see it and now I have already placed the order too quickly and it’s gone with no discount!

  7. Peter Wolfe says:

    I really like the new tweaks to the design on the Blender Cloud website. Fits well with OS X El Capitan!

    • Haha, and it was designed and developed on Linux! :)

      Thanks a lot! I’m happy you like it. This was a much needed first pass for the navigation, while we work on bringing more flexibility and cool features to watch, search (!), download, and even connect Blender with the Cloud itself. Exciting times ahead, thanks for sticking around!

  8. Skent says:

    Good work!

    Somewhere down the line a stereoscopic 3-D version and a separate 4k version would be welcome.

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