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Video: the studio gets a new feature!

12 May, 2015 |  5 Comments | by Ton Roosendaal

Lucas adds a better caching feature, I grab the camera and film the action. Nothing special, just a regular day in the Blender Institute!


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  1. Samuel Loy says:

    ok, why do you have a mirrored poster for walle

    • It’s a film theater light box poster, printed double sided for nice bright colors.
      The back looks as good as the front side. So the answer is:

      Because we can :)

  2. UltraMosk says:

    This kind of things always makes me happy, it’s kinda cool be able to see the exact moment when something new just born. It’s like witchcraft to me

    I always remember “Moments That Changed The Movies: Jurassic Park” video when Kathleen Kennedy, a woman who work in that moment as Producer in ILM says something like:

    “It’s always interesting when you told people to ILM, i think they have in their mind, that hey were gonna see something was like… MAGIC. But in fact, is was a lot of guys sitting in front of computers.”

    It’s hilarious but for me, personally, is truly a magical moment because is the pinnacle of who-knows-how-much-effort took to someone in order to create that magical thing.

    Great job and keep going, guys! (and girls too :P)

  3. Ciriacus says:

    E-LLAW poster
    space-time symmetry

  4. Thank you for that movie! I have the feeling like I was there with all of you creating MAGICK! Good job and good luck!
    And Francesco always busy :)

    Thanks also for showing us what devs have on their screens, that’s a nice code! :)

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