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Video: the studio gets a new feature!

12 May, 2015 |  5  

Lucas adds a better caching feature, I grab the camera and film the action. Nothing special, just a regular day in the Blender Institute! -Ton-


Simple Python tips for Artists

15 April, 2015 |  5  

Hi there! Pablo taught me a little bit of simple artist-friendly Python and how we lighters/compositors can utilize it for preparing the animated shots for the render farm – in other words: To Automate our Workflow. Hopefully it will benefit some of you, dear readers, as well :) A little bit about the lighting/compositing process […]

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Happy Cloud Day! (…Plus a Cloud Announcement!)

13 March, 2015 |  13  

The Gooseberry open movie pilot project is now halfway through its journey! Amazing stuff is being produced by the team every day – in terms of both Blender software development and creative content. All this has been made possible by the people who supported last year’s crowdfunding campaign and those who have subscribed to the […]


Announcing Flamenco 2.0 alpha release

25 February, 2015 |  26  

We are happy to announce the alpha release of Flamenco, the job render management software currently used at Blender Institute for the Gooseberry project! This is the brender project we have been discussing in our recent weeklies, now renamed Flamenco. This is an alpha release, so expect rapid changes in the codebase, as well as […]

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Weekly #24: January 30, 2015

2 February, 2015 |  7  

The weekly livecast closing out the first month of 2015 was packed with both people and work…lasting a full hour and 14 minutes without showing a new version of the film. As always, you can catch up on the full livecast below, or you can continue on to the highlights and skip to the parts […]

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Mathieu’s Blender Editing Tutorial

17 December, 2014 |  37  

As promised in his previous post previewing the changes to the Blender sequencer, Cosmos Laundromat director Mathieu Auvray (who has used many different types of editing software) has put together a 30-minute tutorial showcasing how he uses Blender’s video editing features. In it he shares what he’s discovered about using the tool plus recent improvements you might […]