HAPPY CLOUD – music video & SXSW documentary

16 March, 2014 |  10  

Starring: Francesco Siddi (coder, dancer), Ton Roosendaal (talking) Directed by: Mathieu Auvray Music: Happy (Pharrell Williams) Thank You, Good Bye, It’s Over (Bewitched Hands) SXSW is one of the most important music, film and interactive festivals in the United States. It takes place in Austin, Texas every year for 10 days of concerts, conferences, […]


Press release

13 March, 2014 |  30  

Austin Texas, March 12, 2014. On the SXSW conference this week, Blender Institute launched the first crowd-funded, open production computer animation movie – the Gooseberry Project. This feature length film will be made by 12 teams from all over the world, collaborating online using the newly launched Blender Cloud service.


Gooseberry campaign launched – we need 10k people to help!

9 March, 2014 |  62  

For quite a long while, we’ve been considering using Indiegogo or Kickstarter for the movie fundraiser. These sites are very efficient and attract a lot of people. After careful investigation and a lot of feedback, I decided to not use their service.  Three main reasons I’d like to mention.


Preparing the campaign and SXSW

23 February, 2014 |  7  

What’s going on? Everyone’s busy making a campaign teaser video!(They’ll hate me for spoiling stuff for it, so I won’t :) Mathieu Auvray recorded voice actor last week, and will be in sound/design the next few days. Francesco Siddi is working on the Blender Cloud I’m working frantically getting the Crowdfunding campaign final! Campaign and […]


Developer meeting – Pipeline and tools

9 February, 2014 |  28  

Thanks to the contribution we get in 2014 from the EU Media Fund we will involve a large team of developers for the film project. Read more about this at the code blog. Right after the script workshop, I invited a group of developers for a technical workshop day. Aim was  to inform them on […]


Concept development

7 February, 2014 |  19  

Last week Mathieu Auvray spent three days with Esther Wouda (screenwriter, ‘Sintel’) re-writing the previous movie concepts sofar. It was a very magical moment. Two directions were colliding, refusing to merge into one film and suddenly, after one and a half day of hammering out structure as well as using all the creativity they had, […]


How to get Involved

3 February, 2014 |  18  

With Gooseberry being much larger in scale than previous projects, we also will have much more job openings, and will work on exciting ways for people to be involved or participate. Openness and sharing is going to be important – but also to realize a top quality film. How to bring both together  I’ve written […]


Gooseberry Studio line-up

28 January, 2014 |  32  

When Gooseberry was announced, the shortlist of possible studio partners quickly grew to over 30… it’s really great to see so many companies using Blender and be ready for film. We would love to work with all of them, but that’s just not practical for a feature film. The original idea to involve “8-10” studios […]