Vivify – making of Falling Sheep

8 April, 2014 |  3  

This short making-of clip shows how the falling sheep shot from the Gooseberry Teaser was made. Made by our partner studio: Vivify, in Mumbai India.


Press, banners, promotion

3 April, 2014 |  10  

Here we collect files for press and promotion. All free to use. Spread everywhere! Link banners to the campaign site:


Why Gooseberry matters

30 March, 2014 |  30  

I can’t express enough how important this Gooseberry project is, for me personally and for a lot of people out there. There are so many solutions for urgent issues coming together in Gooseberry – it is really mind-blowing sometimes. This is what Gooseberry is for me: – Open Movies as a Blender development model. Open […]


Interview with Ton Roosendaal

29 March, 2014 |  3  


Robot Making Of: Design with Sheep in Mind

28 March, 2014 |  6  

CG Cookie was assigned the robotic manifestation of Gooseberry’s sheep protagonist. At first glance, the shot seemed straight forward enough. But it didn’t take long to realize how difficult it would be to inject sheepish characteristics into a mechanical design.


Campaign upgrade: Credit Card pledges

27 March, 2014 |  6  

Great news: we now have been authorized to accept credit cards directly. This is all secure, PCI Compliant, using The strict Braintree review we had to pass through took a couple of weeks longer than expected. Meanwhile we could improve our campaign website too. We’re also editing a new video – I have a […]


Wolf Making of – Sparks and Smoke

26 March, 2014 |  6  

In this article we’ll explain how easy to put effects into the shot for this case. We use VSE Mask modifier to mask part of Michel body ( the character ). The idea is to put some sparks behind Michel, and another in front of him.


FAQ – Campaign and Cloud questions

22 March, 2014 |  56  

FUNDING TARGET What does amount of Supporters imply? A supporter means: a contribution of $250. Some paid it all at once, most people will pay this as a subscription in monthly terms – during the production. Then what is the $640k  (500k EUR) target for? This is the startup funding to get our film project […]


Caterpillar Making Of – Animating UVs

21 March, 2014 |  21  

The caterpillar shot in the teaser was certainly one of the most time consuming shots we have done at Pataz, specially considering it’s only an 87 frames shot featuring a glorified worm in a stick :)


Teaser – full sound edit release

19 March, 2014 |  3  

There’s a first time for everything… I asked Eric the sound designer about the Creative Commons soundtrack release, and he just gave us all 23 stereo tracks! Download the tracks here (56 MB) Never had this before :) I’m happy to share that here now. We also prepare everything we did to make the teaser […]