The beacon of hope

2 May, 2014 |  44  

The Blender project and the Blender Foundation are a lighting example for many. People have high expectations of what we do at They love the software, the freedom, the community, the responsive developers online, and hanging out together. During the past 7 weeks, the Gooseberry campaign has whipped up a lot of energy in […]


Reactions from supporters

30 April, 2014 |  6  

I took an hour to copy quotes from emails I’m exchanging about Gooseberry recently. Just to share with everyone how much Blender and our films mean for people. (USA)  You must already know that the dev community you’ve got is MUCH more responsive, professional and humane compared to any other out there. (…) The Blender […]


Writing for Gooseberry

25 April, 2014 |  19  

Writer Esther Wouda and director Mathieu Auvray meet in a Paris Laundromat to discuss the writing process of the Gooseberry Project.


Last two weeks

25 April, 2014 |  2  

After the sprint to get us over the 3000 mark, we’ve had quite a relaxed week. That doesn’t mean we’re sitting still! Everything is (and keeps being) targeted at driving more traffic to the Gooseberry campaign site.  This will get built up during the next few days, and increases in the course of the coming […]


After the rain

23 April, 2014 |  10  

Here’s a wonderful promo clip made by Nita Ravalji – team Vivify, Mumbai. She’s amazing!


3000 Supporters in: Campaign extended!

18 April, 2014 |  14  

In the past four days we had a big boost in our funding – we passed the 50% startup funding  target, and passed the 3000 “Supporters” milestone (which is people who subscribed to Blender Cloud, or who pledged for a film credit). Plan B – just do a great short film together – goes to […]


Meanwhile, in Mumbai

15 April, 2014 |  11  

By Pratik Solanki,  from our partner Studio Vivify in Mumbai, India.


Campaign extension?

14 April, 2014 |  43  

We have a lot of fans and supporters – people who really want us to succeed! Well, we want to be successful ourselves too of course! But we need to be realistic as well. Doing a serious feature film with this scale just means we should allocate a serious budget as well. Several people asked […]


Babioles have a message

13 April, 2014 |  3  

From our special reporter in Paris – a demonstration for open and free movie rights is getting trolled badly. How does this end? Find out here! Babioles is a TV series produced by Autour de Minuit. Directed by Mathieu Auvray


The artists of Gooseberry have a message for you!

11 April, 2014 |  7  

Edited by Mathieu Auvray