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One week at the Blender Institute

3 September, 2014 |  7   Gallery

It has been an awesomely productive week. Leaving my silent and somewhat lonely office in Stockholm I arrived last Wednesday to vibrant Amsterdam with a slight feeling of thrill. During a week I would stay at the Blender Institute and see how the Gooseberry production goes, who works here and talk to people. All this […]

Meet the Team,Production

New people: Matias and Julia

28 August, 2014 |  2  

Fresh arrived today from Buenos Aires – with terrible jetlag – Matias Mendiola. He will work with Mathieu on storyboarding, during all of September. Also new: Julia Velkova. She’s working for the Swedish Södertörn University, department Media & Communication Studies. She is an Open Culture researcher and will be here four days examining and interviewing us […]


Weekly, 22 August 2014

22 August, 2014 |  14  

Quickly grabbed six pictures from our weekly folder to share. Character development is still continuing, hair solvers are being investigated, Hjalti arrived this week to start doing animation tests, and I am recovering from Siggraph jetlag still! 


Cosmos Laundromat

1 August, 2014 |  8  

We’ve just completed the first “weekly” – a short presentation of everyone here about their past week’s work. You can find the full live stream linked here. Was so great to see the team together for a first presentation! 


Gooseberry Pilot kick-off – first day

30 July, 2014 |  11  

The Story Room This morning the story team arrived for the kick-off. I’ve temporary rented an empty unit from our neighbors, this office has long walls that can be filled entirely with storyboards and concept art. A great place to work undisturbed from the other activities in Blender Institute – which is mainly Blender coding […]

Meet the Team,Production

Lukas and Antony arrived

23 July, 2014 |  5  

These weeks several people will arrive, marking the beginning of the Gooseberry project. Since last monday we have two Blender programmers here. Both will be working on complex aspects of the creation pipeline (hair/cloth sim,  particles, nodes, depsgraph, etc). 


June production update
team start: 29 July!

19 June, 2014 |  12  

It’s been quiet on the blog, but there’s been a lot of activity in the past month. Here’s the short summary of past week’s activities and the upcoming events! Blender Cloud A new design has been implemented, a lot of software rewritten and improved, and we’re ready to add a lot more now. Francesco Siddi […]


May Developer meetings

5 June, 2014 |  10  

Here is a quick update for what happened since the last post! We had Sergey here for some weeks, and invited Brecht, Lukas and Antony to be here some days as well – to discuss planning for the Gooseberry pilot. The developers themselves will present many more details about their work here later (and they’re […]


May production update

16 May, 2014 |  17  

The campaign wrap-up has been nearly completed now. Everyone should have had one or more emails about their pledges, refunds or activation of donations for the Gooseberry Pilot project. Good news is that nearly all of the bigger sponsors stayed on board, we hardly had to do refunds for PayPal either! We’re now waiting for […]


Shading Kenny the Caterpillar

16 May, 2014 |  15  

This 3D model embed was made possible by the Cycles engine baking capabilities currently available on the Blender development builds and by the folks at Make sure to hit the full screen button for maximum enjoyment! The source files for the caterpillar scene can be found in the Blender Cloud. In this article we will talk […]