Production tools state report

16 September, 2015 |  5  

In this article we would like to publish an update regarding three key components of Cosmos Laundromat’s pipeline: BAM, Flamenco and Attract.  BAM (BAM Asset Manager) The development of BAM started during the beginning of the Gooseberry project, with the intention of investigating and developing the foundation for an asset management tool. While we could […]

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DVDs and Data Cards are here!

9 September, 2015 |  19   Gallery

A couple of days ago we received the DVDs and Data Cards from the factory! Anja has been busy packing and sending hundreds of them, worldwide. If you pre-ordered, check your mailbox in the next days. The Blu-Ray production is still in progress (due to the official Sony digital mastering guidelines), so they will be […]

Blender Tools

Gooseberry in blender master.

25 August, 2015 |  28  

This is a post mortem development post recounting my personal work during the Gooseberry project, detailing which features made during gooseberry made it to blender master, which didn’t and why. Since there have been some concerns about transparency, I will be posting some information here: I’ve been working as a paid member of the gooseberry […]


Cosmos Laundromat – 2nd Cycle and beyond

20 August, 2015 |  71  

(update 2018-04-12 below) Now the pilot is out I’d like to do a short recap about the past period. First of all: thanks a lot for having helped out in the past year. All of the data of the movie is being uploaded to Blender Cloud this month; if you don’t have a cloud account […]

Making Of,Meet the Team

Team on tour: SIGGRAPH, Dreamworks, Google, Pixar

19 August, 2015 |  9   Gallery

Last week we’ve had a great time on SIGGRAPH in Los Angeles – after the crowded screening of the film on the Blender “Birds of a Feather”, we hosted a booth at the tradeshow for 3 days. Hundreds of people came by to share their compliments. With Cosmos Laundromat we’ve definitely left a great impression […]


Limited edition crew shirt available

19 August, 2015 |   

Just 40 of them, printed on excellent quality American Apparel shirts, two colors in front and the mysterious wings on the back side. Get it here in the Blender Store.

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Cosmos Laundromat – First Cycle

10 August, 2015 |  154  

(Rating: 13y or older) We’re very proud and happy to share the first 10 minutes of Cosmos Laundromat with you. It’s been more than a year of hard work by many people! Thanks everyone for helping to make it, and thanks to the thousands of supporters and donators for making it possible. Want to see […]

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DVD/BD/DC Mastering ready!

7 August, 2015 |  6  

Well that was the most epic deadline fight ever. Francesco and Sergey worked here all night to get the masters ready, quality demands (wrong gamma) required last night to make a complete new film export from the OpenEXRs and encode it all over. Looks even more great (and less dark) now! The guys left this […]

Blender Tools,Making Of,Pipeline

Hjalti’s animation tutorials

5 August, 2015 |  9  

Our animator Hjalti Hjalmarsson completed hours of animation tutorial and shot breakdowns. Nearly everything is already in Blender Cloud, for the subscribers. It’s also going to be on the Bluray/DVD box/Datacard. Enjoy, it’s big fun to watch. (And recording during a heatwave!) -Ton-

Making Of,Production

Online premiere: August 10th

31 July, 2015 |  34  

Monday morning, in Los Angeles on the SIGGRAPH convention, we will launch the Cosmos Laundromat pilot online for everyone to watch! August 10th, 2015 10 AM Los Angeles time, 19h CEST. Youtube launch for everyone! High quality encoded version in Blender Cloud for subscribers. And of course a lot of tutorials, goodies, extras, making of […]