The Last Weekly (#45): June 26, 2015

30 June, 2015 |  5  

Welcome to your last weekly write-up for the Project Gooseberry pilot production! The animations are final, the edit is all-but, and the final renders are underway. You can check it all out below in the livecast video and the highlights. Then continue to watch this blog, the Blender Cloud, and the Gooseberry Twitter, Facebook, and […]

Meet the Team,Production

Wrap 1: Last day of Mathieu

30 June, 2015 |  5  

Today – after 11 months in Amsterdam, Mathieu went back to Paris. He will have a short holidays and start preparations for other exciting film projects. He will also be working with Eric Cervera on the final sound mix, and he’ll be back here end of July for a final grade – and a pre-premiere […]


Weekly #44: June 19, 2015

22 June, 2015 |  11  

Here are your highlights for the penultimate weekly livecast of the Project Gooseberry Cosmos Laundromat pilot production. The animations and sims are almost finalized and the final renders are in the making. Plus, there’s a new and improved edit of the film with early sound editing and lots and lots of renders added. Check it […]


Weekly #43: June 12, 2015

15 June, 2015 |  8  

The island is all but complete! Which means it’s time to dive back into the jungle and laundromat. However, there are still lots of island goodies (with MOAR TORNADO) in this week’s Cosmos Laundromat production livecast. Check it out, and the highlights, below.     The Highlights   Guests There was a familiar face for […]

Making Of,Production

Blender 2.75 splash

11 June, 2015 |  13  

Franck splash screen

Finding the right image for a splash is always a tedious process… We had a couple of ideas rendered with the sheep, Victor, and the tornado, but in the end we settled on the cute Franck-caterpillar. Read the Release notes or download the 2.75 Release Candidate. (edited post, june 13) COLOR PROFILE ERROR! The colors […]


Weekly #42: June 5, 2015

8 June, 2015 |  8  

Victor's cosmic watch

It’s June, meaning we’re in the final stretch of the Cosmos Laundromat production. In the weekly video below you’ll see more final animations, more renders, and new art…and, of course, plenty hair sims. In the highlights you’ll find previews of and links to even more material, such as two alternative endings only available on the […]


Weekly #41: May 29, 2015

1 June, 2015 |  6  

Welcome to another week of Cosmos Laundromat production development, featuring a trailer release, more animations, and a whole lot of sims and caching!     The Highlights   Guest Appearances Regular guest, PhD student Sybren Stüvel, was back in the studio after some weeks in Singapore (work) and Cambodia (play). Another regular guest some of […]

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Cosmos Laundromat Trailer

28 May, 2015 |  44  

We proudly present the trailer of “Cosmos Laundromat, Pilot”! And man that was tough, but we managed to get all the details work together in single renders! No comp! Hair sim, grass with wind, volumetrics, all rendered in Cycles. Work on this 10 minute film will continue in June, rendering during July, with an official […]


Weekly #40: May 22, 2015

26 May, 2015 |  5  

The end of May is upon us, meaning we are just a couple of months from the final release! Check out how the film is shaping up in the weekly livecast recording here and the highlights below.     The Highlights   A New Guest This week’s guest was Olivier Amrein, a 3D generalist with […]


Weekly #39: May 15, 2015

18 May, 2015 |  7  

Mid-May has arrived, which means the trailer is days from release, half the animation is ready, and the lighting, sims, etc., are getting closer and closer to final renders. See it all in the weekly livecast and the highlights below, with (of course) a bunch of downloadable extras on the Blender Cloud.     The […]