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Pre-premiere video impression

31 July, 2015 |  2  

More photos and impressions will be shared soon, here’s one fresh from Sybren’s camera. It was a blast!!!

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The Evolution of Tara & the Rest

29 July, 2015 |    Gallery

Now that we’ve looked at the evolution of Cosmos Laundromat’s two main characters—Victor and Franck—it’s time to turn to Tara and her jungle companions: the motofly and the villainous frog. Head here to find the illustrated tale of why and how these three characters developed and changed, and then have fun digging through the gallery […]


Credit Scroll

28 July, 2015 |  7  

Version 3.2, 28 July 2015 This is the list of people who get a credit because they supported us financially with 95 euro (dollar) or more. The awesome sponsors! Please review this list carefully. If you’re not on the list, just contact us via email: institute at Some notes: Cloud subscribers can check their […]

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Order your Blu-Ray, Data Card or DVD box!

26 July, 2015 |  14  

Ordering started, products will be shipped in 2nd half August. The 64 GB dual layer blu-ray disc will work for your (video) bluray player to watch on TV as well as in your computer as data disc. It has a regular video menu to play the film itself and several extras. Used in a computer […]

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The Evolution of Franck

23 July, 2015 |  1   Gallery

Last week we looked at the evolution of Victor, the most complicated and mysterious character and the “man” behind the Cosmos Laundromat, as he has gone through the most dramatic changes over the course of production. However, that’s not to say that the other characters haven’t changed enormously as well. This week we take a […]


Cosmos Laundromat selected for Netherlands Film Festival

22 July, 2015 |  7  

The most prestigious of the Dutch Festivals has selected Cosmos Laundromat! It’s not an animation festival (no animation award category even),  being selected for NFF is always an honour for being recognized as serious film maker in general. Previously we only had Sintel selected in the festival. That was a huge success and a great […]

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The Evolution of Victor

13 July, 2015 |  9   Gallery

Evolution of Victor

The animation is complete and the rendering is underway. (The pre-premiere is in just 2.5 weeks!) So now we wait… Which makes it the perfect time to take a look back at the overall prodcution process. My how things have changed since Mathieu began discussing the script with Sintel screenwriter Esther and the art with […]


Hello and good luck from Colin Levy & Pixar

8 July, 2015 |  10  

Perfectly arrived on the right moment. From the people who know what “final stretch” means! Thanks for the heads up Colin, such a pleasant surprise and so encouraging to know that you guys keep an eye on us! -Ton-

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(Pre-)Premiere: 30 July, EyeFilm

7 July, 2015 |  3  

It is officially confirmed now! We have a pre-premiere in the spectacular EyeFilm cinema in Amsterdam. The theater we rented is the smallest one, only 70 people will fit in… but we will do two screenings! The stats: Thursday July 30 EyeFilm, Amsterdam Screening at 17.30h and 18:10h in Cinema 4 Want to join? We […]

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Heatwave! Last month production update

2 July, 2015 |  6  

The creative work is over, we now work on feeding the render farm and wrap up the project by writing docs, recording tutorials and other presentations. There are also DVDs/Blurays to be mastered, including all of the extras we want to do! Hjalti (photo) planned his video voice over recording on the hottest day of […]