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Video: the studio gets a new feature!

12 May, 2015 |  5  

Lucas adds a better caching feature, I grab the camera and film the action. Nothing special, just a regular day in the Blender Institute! -Ton-


Weekly #38: May 8, 2015

11 May, 2015 |  2  

May is trailer month. See how far the shots have come one week before the trailer’s release, and celebrate with the team: there is now wind in the characters’ hair…a storm is clearly brewing! See it all in the weekly livecast below and soak up the details in the Highlights (with plenty of new Gooseberry […]

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Victor hair simulation!

8 May, 2015 |  19  

And here’s another shot with hair simulation. Mathieu mastered Blender forcefields! In this shot you see Victor enjoying the storm he summoned.

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Pulling off a fully simulated shot

8 May, 2015 |  11  

Compliments to the whole team for getting this done, and special kudos to Andy and Lukas!


Qarnot Computing renders Gooseberry

5 May, 2015 |  6  

The render demands for our 3d animated film will be huge. We do everything in Cycles with big environments, loads of grass and fur, expecting render times of 3 hours per frame or more (on regular fast i7 cpus). A quick estimate is that for 10 minutes film we then need 60 systems full time […]


Weekly #37: May 1, 2015

4 May, 2015 |  35  

With less than two months left to complete the pilot, the Cosmos Laundromat art and development are going into overdrive! From new animations and a new version of the trailer to Sequencer and caching fixes, check out what Team Gooseberry has made this week.     The Highlights   Weekly Guests This Friday brought three […]


New sponsor: Intel

4 May, 2015 |  12  

I’m happy to now officially announce that Intel has signed on as a Platinum sponsor of the Gooseberry project! They’ve sent us two amazing servers for our studio server rack, almost doubling our render capacity. The servers are from their demo and testing pool, experimental hardware configurations that get seeded for testing and feedback. Each […]


Weekly #36: April 24, 2015

28 April, 2015 |  9  

Thanks for waiting an extra day this week for your Gooseberry weekly highlights — yesterday we celebrated the biggest holiday of the year: the Dutch King’s birthday! (Which is really just an excuse to have a big party while wearing orange.) Don’t worry, though, there’s some big news here (from VSE fixes to a whole […]

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MathieuVSE Editing Tutorial: Part 2 (with fixed sound)

22 April, 2015 |  15  

Here is the second part of the editing tutorial for Blender’s VSE, which I am using to edit Cosmos Laundromat. We’ve been using the VSE to edit footage we’ve shot with the actors and synchronize them with the audio recorded at the sound studio. The main difficulty has been Blender’s poor playback performance. It was […]


Weekly #35: April 17, 2015

20 April, 2015 |  8  

The edit is locked, the shots are on their way to finalization, and more tool-building is underway. See how far Gooseberry has come in a week in the latest weekly livecast! Highlights below.     The Highlights   Gooseberry Guests This week’s guests came to us all the way from the east of the Netherlands: […]