Simple Python tips for Artists

15 April, 2015 |  5  

Hi there! Pablo taught me a little bit of simple artist-friendly Python and how we lighters/compositors can utilize it for preparing the animated shots for the render farm – in other words: To Automate our Workflow. Hopefully it will benefit some of you, dear readers, as well :) A little bit about the lighting/compositing process […]

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Weekly #34: April 10, 2015

13 April, 2015 |  12  

It was a short week, thanks to Easter — and also, for once, a short (less than 60 minutes) weekly! (After all, we had a windmill to visit.) You’ll find the full video right here, and then a look at the highlights below.   The Highlights   Gooseberry Guests In addition to regular guests Sybren […]

Meet the Team

Behind the screens

12 April, 2015 |  7   Gallery

Hello! A couple of weeks ago I got a new 24mm pancake lens for my camera and since then I’ve been annoying the entire team by frantically taking pictures of everyone and everything! :) I wanted to share some of them with you since we don’t usually show a lot of the day to day work […]


Stats update – thanks for joining!

9 April, 2015 |  4  

Two weeks ago we posted this stat: Today’s stat is: Target is 2500 before the premiere in July! We then can do awesome stuff the rest of the year :) The fast increase is mostly because of us emailing people who pledged to join Cloud during last year’s campaign. Some people might have received a […]


Production update – 10 minutes, release in July!

8 April, 2015 |  23  

We’ve always worked with two scenarios – the bigger one with Film Fund support – and a smaller one based on the crowdfunding and Blender Cloud subscription income. We now have the news that the Netherlands Film Fund will not support the project. Bummer! The Fund feedback was that it’s partially because it’s not a […]


Weekly #33: April 3, 2015

7 April, 2015 |  1  

Yesterday was a holiday here in the Netherlands, so your weekly highlights reel is a day later than usual… But here it is! Check out the full weekly livecast here, and then head on to the highlights for a more in-depth look at last week’s Gooseberry developments.     The Highlights   In the Cloud […]

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Tornado design

1 April, 2015 |  9  

The tornado design is really progressing. We have now found the final look, using turbulent and colored smoke sims. Still a lot of work is going to be needed to get the final renders, but as you can see here it’s already looking fantastic. Andy is making miracles here! See the tornado in motion   Andy […]

Blender Tools,Meet the Team

Severin (Julian) Is in the Studio!

31 March, 2015 |  4  

The Blender Institute will be graced with another brilliant mind for the next two weeks: Julian Eisel (probably better known to most of you as Severin) has come to Amsterdam to help Antonis build widgets! Julian is the youngest in the studio (he’s currently studying computer science in Homburg, Germany) but he’s become an enthusiastic […]


Weekly #32: March 27, 2015

30 March, 2015 |  11  

It’s Monday again! Which means it’s time to put the weekend behind us and recap how last week ended in the Blender studio. You know the drill: catch the full weekly video right here, and then continue on to the highlights for some more insight and a couple of things that weren’t quite ready in […]

Blender Tools,Pipeline

Blender Cloud Stats Open for All!

27 March, 2015 |  1  

When we shared the Happy Cloud 2 video and the new Cloud dashboard feature, we promised that more Cloud stats would be available soon. Well, if you’re following Ton on Twitter (or Project Gooseberry), you might have seen the following tweet go by:   Blender Cloud stats – open for everyone! (If you have an […]